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Fifth Pod Senselessly Vandalized by Food Cart Crooks

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Five businesses were affected at the Tidbit Food Farm and Garden

Tidbit Food Farm and Garden

Food truck operators across the city aren’t only facing slow season: They’re facing a growing threat from vandals who are causing extensive damage without walking away with much of value. Tidbit Food Farm and Garden, located on SE Division and SE 28th Place, is the fifth food cart pod broken into since October 24, 2016. Chef-owner of Paper Bag Pizza at Tidbit, Tom Daly tells Eater at least five food carts were vandalized, including Dog Town, Scout Beer, Garden Monsters, Tortoise + Hair, and Namu.

Food carts are the smallest of small businesses, with owners reporting tiny sums of cash stolen and damages climbing into the thousands. Food cart owners say the best way to support them is to come by and eat their food.

Many owners tells Eater it’s all about taking all of your money home with you at night. Some pods have hired security guards, while some individual food cart owners say they use extremely loud alarm systems. The probability of another break in by the food cart crooks is seemingly likely.

Scout Beer

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