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Americano Shutters in Burnside 26 Building After 8 Months

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Blair Reynolds and Ian Christopher’s cocktail and coffee bar is closed

Katie Acheff/EPDX

In March 2016, Americano threw open the doors to serve coffee, vermouth-driven cocktails, and a waffle-centric food menu, but after a mix of ups and downs, the bar has closed. “You try as hard as you can, but there's a point you've gotta call it done,” writes Blair Reynolds (Hale Pele), who co-owns the bar with Ian Christopher (Coco Donuts), in an email to Eater. “Americano is no longer open for service. We just couldn't get enough sales each night.”

Americano lost its head chef, the notable New Orleans chef Chris DeBarr, after two months. Big-name bartender Kate Bolton, formerly of San Francisco’s Maven, also left the bar in recent months. Americano received a positive review from WWeek in April, and The Oregonian named it its 2016 Bar of the Year, just three months ago.

Americano was located at 2605 E Burnside St., inside the controversial Burnside 26 building. Here is the official farewell:

To our friends and regulars at Americano,

Thank you for the months of joy you brought through our doors, as we discovered, together, a world of coffee, vermouth, and joyous conversation. Unfortunately, due to difficult circumstances, we are announcing our official closure. Thank you again for the opportunity to entertain you.

- The owners and staff of Americano

Americano [PDX]

2605 E. Burnside St., Portland, OR 97214 Visit Website


2605 E Burnside St, Portland, OR 97214 (503) 360-6193 Visit Website