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Blue Star Donuts Opens in Portland International Airport

Get brioche-style doughnuts on the fly

Blue Star Donuts
Facebook/Blue Star Donuts

On December 12, Portland’s world-famous Blue Star Donuts officially fired up the fryers inside Portland International Airport. Blue Star Donuts’ sixth Portland shop is located pre-security in the Oregon Market and operates daily, starting bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at 4 a.m. and continuing through to 9 p.m. Thus, the airport becomes a new mecca for Portland fried dough.

So will departing flights now be loaded with passengers toting white boxes stamped with blue stars in place of Voodoo Doughnut’s iconic pink boxes? Perhaps. Blue Star makes fancy, brioche-style doughnuts, and the airport shop will serve the full line-up, including “city-exclusive” flavors.

And some additional good news for coffee drinkers: Blue Star Donuts is serving its signature blend, made by locally adored roaster Coava Coffee. This comes in a year when the airport has already greatly upped its coffee offerings.

Blue Star Donuts continues to be on the move, with a new location in Los Angeles, too. That brings the total to ten locations worldwide. The doughnut chain was founded in Portland by Micah Camden and Katie Poppe.