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Portland Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Shop Launches Marijuana Edibles Line

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Woodblock Chocolate is one of the city’s most renowned chocolate producers

Roasted chocolate beans, at Woodblock Chocolate

Has anyone not been waiting for this to happen? Since Oregon legalized marijuana in 2015, restaurateurs and chefs have been busy finding ways to integrate marijuana and food, from a marijuana brunch involving pajamas and cartoons, to chef Leather Storss’s high-minded experiments in seasoning, using marijuana strains with the THC removed.

Now Woodblock Chocolate, one of Portland’s most famous artisan chocolate makers, has teamed up with local marijuana shop Serra Cannabis to produce a line of marijuana edibles, The O reports. The 16-gram bars come in three versions, including a CBD dark chocolate bar with 70-percent cacao, for those seeking the medical effects of marijuana without the high (another milk chocolate bar with 60-percent cacoa packs a walloping 20 milligrams of THC).

The new line of bean-to-bar chocolate edibles are only available in Serra Cannabis’s stores, which means they aren’t likely to join Woodblock’s other chocolates in Martha Stewart’s gift guide this year. For Oregonians and those visiting the state, the marijuana dispensary has shops in downtown Portland, on SE Belmont, and in Eugene.

Woodblock Chocolate

1715 Northeast 17th Avenue, , OR 97212 (971) 754-4874 Visit Website