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Vegan Cheese Shop Vtopia in Crisis; Launches Crowdsourcing Campaign

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Portland’s first all-vegan cheese shop is on the chopping block

Vtopia Cheese Shop & Deli

Opened in Goose Hollow in July 2015, Vtopia Cheese Shop & Deli quickly turned heads as Portland’s only all-vegan cheese shop, serving everything from dark chocolate strawberry “brie,” to “haym and salami” melts with Vtopia Melty Cheese. Now owner Mathew Gauvin, who purchased the shop from founders Imber Lingard and Mark Jordan in July, says Vtopia is on the brink of closing, unless he can raise enough funds.

“Back in July, when I heard that Vtopia Cheese Shop & Deli was going to close,” Gauvin writes on, “I quit my nice stable IT Job, cashed in my savings, and threw caution to the wind to buy the shop. Unfortunately, the upfront cost of ownership was much more than I had expected, and I need your help to keep this local Portland vegan landmark here.”

The campaign was launched December 20 and seeks $15K, and it has collected just over $2,000, so far. Vtopia employees eight people. "This money would allow me to reduce the overall amount that I'm borrowing and provide some operating capital to keep us afloat," writes Gauvin. Those interested can donate to the campaign here.

Vtopia Cheese Shop and Deli

1628 SW Jefferson St, Portland, OR 97201 (503) 686-3839