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Kachka Makes Eater National 38 for Second Year in a Row

And the restaurant’s relocating. Hear what'll happen to the original space.

Dina Avila/EPDX

Eater National restaurant editor Bill Addison has released the third edition of The Best Restaurants in America, the 38 restaurants that have shaped and defined dining in the United States. And for the second year in a row, Kachka bears the glory of being Oregon’s only restaurant to make the list. Addision writes, "Co-owners Bonnie and Israel Morales offer the most spirited introduction to Russian dining (and drinking!) in America."

Last week, Kachka announced it would relocate, which means those Russian plates are literally on the move, and you can read the full story here. But what will happen to the venue that gave birth to Kachka, at 720 SE Grand Ave.?

The Moraleses say they and their partners will slightly update the original Kachka space, come summer 2017, and it will likely be christened with a new name, whether something entirely new or a variant of "Kachka." The menu will include many of the dishes and vodkas Kachka is known for.

The only big change at the moment will be the end of reservations, which the Moraleses say will make it easier for those dropping in on the fly to get a table. For planners, the relocated Kachka will continue to take reservations.

"The SE Grand neighborhood is developing into more of a food-tour community," says Israel. "Some people come in for a special occasion and a big, elaborate meal, and others stop by three times a week."

In sum, a lot's staying the same at 720 SE Grand Ave. It will continue to be what Kachka is: a party — a fun, nightly vodka-fueled Russian dinner party. Kachka itself is moving eight blocks away, to 960 SE 11th Ave., and it's also adding lunch for the first time. In some respects, the main takeaway from Kachka's decision to relocate is this: three times the Kachka.


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