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Tea Bar Unleashes Third Location, in the Pearl

That means tea within walking distance for many in the ‘hood

Tea Bar in the Pearl District
Tea Bar

Today’s potential snowstorm needn’t keep those living in the Pearl away from a warm mug of carefully sourced organic tea: Tea Bar officially opened December 5, at 1055 NW Northrup St., to serve 30+ loose-leaf teas, as well as boba teas with house-made tapioca pearls and matcha teas with house-made infusions, like rose and vanilla. The 1500-square-foot space is Tea Bar’s third location, and like the first two, it’ll offer Nuvrei Bakery pastries and operate daily from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Owner Erica Indira Swanson tells Eater new drinks will debut December 21, too.

“I’m really excited about the cardamom chai,” Swanson says. “We make it entirely by hand, beginning by roasting whole cardamom pods.” There’s also an organic Thai iced tea, and at Tea Bar, its characteristic pale-orange hue comes from turmeric, rather than food coloring, with health in mind. Swanson’s take on Mexican hot chocolate will also launch December 21.

The new Tea Bar has ten 2-top tables, seating along the windows, and a large communal table, which Swanson says is already a popular place for local businesses to hold meetings. “One side of our space faces Tanner Springs Park,” says Swanson. “It’s a beautiful neighborhood.”

Tea Bar has a growing reputation for holding community-minded pop-ups, from wreathe-making workshops, to stroopwafel parties, and this Saturday, the organic mini doughnut pop-up, Bigwig Donuts, will be at the Pearl location, from noon to 4 p.m.

With this being Tea Bar’s third location since December 2014, does Swanson have plans to expand to other neighborhoods or beyond? “I’m really focused on our products and growing sustainably, right now,” she says. Instead, she’s currently working with the farmers markets and the Portland Night Market, as well as booking more events in her bars.