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Nate Tilden's Eighth Restaurant, Bar Casa Vale, Releases Smoky Details

Sharing the Biwa and Simpatica building, Bar Casa Vale is shaping up to be a mecca for the sherry and smoke obsessed.

Another Nate Tilden and Martin Schwartz collaboration, The Richmond Bar
Another Nate Tilden and Martin Schwartz collaboration, The Richmond Bar
Dina Avila/EPDX

With ownership stakes in Olympia Provisions, Clyde Common, Spirit of '77, Pepe Lo Moko, and The Richmond Bar, Nate Tilden announced his newest project defacto by applying for a liquor license, and speaking with PoMo, he shared new details. Scheduled to open this April or May, Bar Casa Vale will have two bars and serve smoked foods prepared using a number of flame-fueled apparati, including an 8-foot custom grill.

While menu details remain in flux, Bar Casa Vale is collaborating with Olympia Provisions' Elias Cairo, and Tilden tells PoMo he will also dedicate some of the menu to Spanish-inspired seafood. Bar Casa Vale hasn't released many drink specifics, but it intends to have the largest sherry selection on the West Coast. Clyde Commons front-of-house manager Bryon Adams-Harford will consult on wine.

Located at SE 9th and Pine Street inside of the same building as Biwa and Simpatica Dining Hall, the space itself is 1700 square feet, with seating for 49 indoors and 50 outdoors. For the project, Tilden has teamed up with Martin Schwartz (The Richmond Bar, Olympia Provisions). Louis Martinez (Clyde Common, Paley's Place) will serve as executive chef.

Bar Casa Vale

215 Southeast 9th Avenue, , OR 97214 (503) 477-9081 Visit Website