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Grüner's Epic Burger Reborn | Massive Development to Engulf The Dockside Saloon

Yelpers give Portland just two spots on its top 100 restaurant list.

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The Dockside Saloon's future look
The Dockside Saloon's future look
Hacker Architects

SOUTHEAST—A big turn of events for fans of the shuttered Grüner's renowned burger: It's now available at The Loyal Legion beer bar! [Oregonian]

PORTLAND—Yelp's annual list of the Top 100 Places to Eat in the nation according to Yelpers dropped yesterday, and two Portland restaurants made it: Yelpers say Screen Door and The Waffle Window are the top places to eat in Portland, which, no offense to either restaurant, is just bubbling malarky. [EaterWire]

NORTHWEST INDUSTRIAL—A new six-building office park has just been approved that will surround the 30-year-old bar and diner, The Dockside Saloon, located at 2047 NW Front Ave. (the place where the incriminating garbage that ended Tonya Harding's Olympic dreams was found). Designed by Hacker Architects, the development plans show The Dockside Saloon getting a sort of business-park bear hug, which, fortunately for the diner's fans, will supposedly leave it unscathed. [WWeek]

The Dockside Saloon of Today:

[Photo: Yelp/Laura N.]

The Dockside Saloon of Tomorrow

[Rendering: Hacker Architects)