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Little Big Burger Is Taking Seattle by Storm with 10 New Locations

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The Portland-born chainlet announces first expansion outside of Oregon.

Little Big Burger
Little Big Burger
Facebook/Little Big Burger

Ever since Chanticleer Holdings Inc., the company that essentially owns Hooters of America, purchased Portland's Little Big Burger for $6.1 million, the group has been eying Seattle. In August, Chanticleer CEO Mike Pruitt told Eater he wanted to expand. And now he's signed a letter announcing plans for ten Seattle Little Big Burgers (with an undisclosed partner).

The Portland-grown Little Big Burger chainlet opened in 2010 to serve higher quality burgers—originally based on the Yakuza burger—both quickly and for a good price. Katie Poppe and Micah Camden—the owners of Boxer Ramen and Blue Star Donuts, sold Little Big Burger last August. At the time, Chanticleer said it wouldn't significantly change the restaurant's food offerings, and so far, it's made good on that promise. And who's to say that Little Big Burger Boise might not be right around the corner?