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The Heathman Restaurant to Relocate Amid Feud with The Heathman Hotel

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It will stay downtown, but who knows where?

The Heathman Restaurant and Bar
The Heathman Restaurant and Bar
Yelp/The Heathman Restaurant and Bar

One of the city's most popular and classy restaurants, The Heathman Restaurant and Bar will vacate the iconic The Heathman Hotel, where it has been grilling steaks and shaking martinis since the mid-1980s. The Portland Business Journal reports the restaurant will relocated to a downtown location at the end of March, and it has yet to be announced where it is relocating or whether it will temporarily close during the process.

The cause of the move is differing views between The Heathman Restaurant and the hotel. Executive chef Michael Stanton told the PBJ that a "clash of culture" has existed between the restaurant and the hotel, ever since a real estate investment trust bought the hotel in 2015. In 2014, the Heathman Hotel sued the restaurant for not making enough money and won the case.

What would you rename The Heathman Hotel and Bar?

The "Heathman" name is owned by the hotel, so when The Heathman Restaurant and Bar reopens, it will almost certainly be renamed. The Landry's restaurant group has owned the restaurant since taking over McCormick & Schmick's in 2011, and Eater has reached out to Landry's for more details, so stay tuned. In the meantime, what would you rename The Heathman Hotel and Bar?

The Heathman Restaurant and Bar

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