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Rum Club’s Mike Shea Shares His Breakfast Cocktails Philosophy

Learn how to survive a hangover from a bartending master.

Rum Club's Mike Shea
Rum Club's Mike Shea
Dina Avila/EPDX

Mike Shea is the owner and bartender at Rum Club, the insider's cocktail lounge at 720 SE Sandy Blvd., and after years in the industry, Shea knows a thing or two about how to best enjoy breakfast cocktails. Shea says the only days he takes off from work are Sundays, and if he's stayed out late the night before, the last thing he wants to do is wake up and stand in some long brunch line. Instead, he eases into the day by making breakfast for himself and his wife at home, morning cocktails included.

According to Shea, morning cocktails differ from evening cocktails in one key way: discipline. At most, you'll have one cocktail, maybe two. It's not likely that you're going to start knocking them back like you did those five martinis the night before: That's what got you into this mess in the first place.

"My first go-to is the Red Snapper," says Shea. The cocktail is more or less a bloody mary with gin instead of vodka, but Shea also likes to use Clamato juice instead of tomato juice. While he's preparing a couple of French omelets and toast cut from a loaf of local, crusty bread, he'll unscientifically mix up a batch of bloodys, and he says specific measurements are not required. You just need to make it to your liking.

"The ingredients seamlessly go together with the Clamato and the gin," he says. "It's like a magic trick."

Occasionally, though, he'll keep it really simple. Shea says a small glass of Manzanita sherry goes a long way, and it provides a nice woody umami counter-flavor to most breakfast staples.

Another good option is a glass of champagne or cava, which pairs particularly well with eggs. Need a little more? Shea says you can turn those bubbles into a French 75 by addingthat's right—a little gin, plus lemon juice and simple syrup. Shea also recommends using "the Morgenthaler method," which means drinking it on ice. And when it comes to mimosas, Shea is not a fan. "If you're going to drink orange juice and cava, keep them separate," he says.

So when you find yourself with the Sunday morning blues, go ahead and mix yourself a drink. You've earned it. Then enjoy some eggs, some toast, and maybe bacon and potatoes. And once you've fed yourself, stretch out with a good book and drift off to sleep. Rest, after all, is what your hangover really wants.

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