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Heathman Hotel Denies Feud with The Heathman Restaurant

Plus, Ex Novo Brewing unleashes a wild chef competition, and Baby Doll Pizza on SE Stark buys out neighboring Bonfire Lounge.

Bonfire Lounge
Bonfire Lounge
Facebook/Bonfire Lounge

DOWNTOWN—Last Friday, The Heathman Restaurant and Bar announced it would leave its long-time home inside of The Heathman Hotel, reporting a "clash of cultures" between the two businesses. But now, The Heathman Hotel has dusted off its lapels and denied any conflict whatsoever. General manager Steven Hurst says The Heathman Hotel and Bar's lease simply expired. [Portland Business Journal]

NORTH PORTLAND—This month, Ex Novo Brewing Company will launch the chef competition, Family Meal, which will see two chefs go head-to-head monthly. The first match will be Monday, February 29, at 10:30 p.m., and it will pit Fireside's Joey Hart against Biwa/Noraneko's Gabe Rosen. The chefs will each prepare three courses with three surprise mystery ingredients, and the courses will be judged by a judging panel. You'll be able to watch the action taking place in the kitchen on televisions while comfortably seated in the bar, and the main judging will take place before the eyes of all. The $15 ticket lets you sample a family meal prepared by the competing chefs (and, if you're lucky enough to have an OLCC server or food handler's license, you get a complimentary beer). Buy your ticket here. [EaterWire]

SOUTHEAST—The New York-style pizzeria, Baby Doll Pizza, has just bought out its neighbor, Bonfire Lounge, known for its friendly, dive-y atmosphere and cheap food and drink. Baby Doll hasn't announced any immediate plans, aside from moving its commissary kitchen into the new space, and for now, it's business as usual at Bonfire Lounge. [WWeek]

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Bonfire Lounge

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The Heathman Restaurant and Bar

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