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Vitaly Paley's Imperial, located inside of Hotel Lucia
Vitaly Paley's Imperial, located inside of Hotel Lucia
Dina Avila/EPDX

The unnerving and veritably jaw-dropping news that The Heathman Restaurant and Bar inside of the iconic Heathman Hotel could be reinvented now has a new and delicious twist: chef Vitaly Paley and his wife and business partner Kimberly Paley have signed a 10-year lease with LaSalle Hotel Properties, the owners of The Heathman Hotel, according to PoMo.

The Paleys have been on a 10-plus-year hot streak: Vitaly Paley received the James Beard award for Best Chef Northwest in 2005, and he's since opened Penny Diner, Imperial, and the popular DaNet pop-up.

Few concrete details have emerged regarding the Paleys plans, but the new restaurant will be named Headwaters and focus on seafood. It aims to open late summer 2016, after a huge remodel that PoMo reports includes not only the hotel's dining room, but its tea room, banquet room, and more. So far, the Paleys restaurants have focused on Vitaly Paley's love of Pacific Northwest ingredients. Will Headwaters bring out his Ukrainian and Russian flavors?


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