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Kachka Launches Russian Spirits Brand; Releases Its Horseradish Vodka

It's clean, spicy, and makes you feel warm all over.

Kachka's Horseradish Vodka
Kachka's Horseradish Vodka
Mattie John Bamman/EPDX

Fans of Kachka's must-order horseradish vodka can now sip it outside of the Portland-based Russian restaurant. A member of the Eater National 38, Kachka will enter the spirits industry this March, releasing its spicy Horseradish Vodka under its newly formed spirits brand, Troika Spirits. Kachka teamed up with New Deal Distillery to launch it, and the unfiltered vodka is made with local horseradish root and a touch of honey.

Kachka has plans to eventually distribute the vodka nationally, as well as to offer online sales, but for now, the vodka will only be available at the restaurant, at New Deal Distillery, and in Oregon liquor stores. It will cost $27.95 for a 750 milliliter bottle.

Kachka serves many infused vodkas, including its popular dill vodka. Guessing which infusion it will release next is anyone's game, but cast your vote in the comments below. Which of Kachka's infused vodkas do you want to see bottled next?


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