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Javier Canteras Wins Restaurant Startup and $150,000

Canteras will use the money to open the Urdaneta tapas and wine bar in Portland.

Javier Canteras and Ryan Spragg on Restaurant Startup
Javier Canteras and Ryan Spragg on Restaurant Startup
Restaurant Startup

Javier Canteras and Ryan Spragg of Bocadillo and Basque Supper Club were the big winners on Wednesday's episode of CNBC's Restaurant Startup. The result? According to the show, Canteras received an investment of $150,000 from Restaurant Startup host and celebrity chef Joe Bastianich, as well as a research trip in Spain.

"I spent three weeks in New York at Joe's Casa Mono and Bar Jamon," says Canteras, "then flew directly to Barcelona, where I spent two months working at Bodega 1900 and Tickets with Albert Adria. What a crazy ride that was. I have been speaking with Joe often, and we are currently pursuing a space in Portland."

In the episode, Bocadillo went up against Old New York, a restaurant concept run by two New York City restaurateurs. The two teams started out by pitching their restaurant ideas to celebrity chefs, Joe Bastianich and Tim Love, and Bastianich and Love both offered Canteras investment options. Canteras chose Bastianich's offer.

Here's what Javier has to say about their victory, and how things have changed, since receiving advice from Bastianich:

"Restaurant Startup truly ended up to be a life-changing experience for Ryan and myself. Initially, we set out to open a casual, quick-service restaurant by the name of Bocadillo, but after being inspired by Joe Bastianich, we transformed the sandwich shop into a full service tapas and wine bar now called Urdaneta.

"This is when I decided to take control, as I have more experience to make this happen. It was a great and satisfying experience. A bit bumpy, but how many people go on national television and decide to completely change their concept over the span of 36 hours? It's not a small feat, and I think under the circumstances, we accomplished that well. I received the investment, and Joe and I are anticipating an opening for Urdaneta this summer."