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Europe's First Vegan Supermarket Chain Is Coming to Portland

It will be its first U.S. location.


As first reported on Ecowatch, Veganz, Europe's first and largest vegan grocery store chain, will set up shop in Portland sometime this year, and it is bringing a vegan restaurant and shoe store with it. Based in Berlin, Germany, Veganz currently has locations sprouting up across Eastern Europe, and it will soon open shop in the United Kingdom. This will be Veganz' first United States location.

Veganz will join Food Fight as Portland's vegan-only grocery stores, and it will likely offer a comprehensive selection of animal-free and plant-based products. The company sells goods from more than 30 countries, and so far, in all of its branches, it sells 4500 vegan products, from ice cream to cosmetics. Additionally, some of its stores offer vegan cooking classes and in-store dining.

The chain was founded in February 2011 by former Mercedes-Benz manager, Jan Bredack, who became a vegan in 2009. There is no word yet on exactly when this year Veganz will open or where it will set up shop in Portland.