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Christopher David Cafe Shuttered in the Pearl

Love will take the cafe's owner north to Seattle.

Christopher David
Christopher David
Facebook/Christopher David

Say goodbye to the real-deal flat white at Christopher David. The cafe located on the corner of Jamison Park in the Pearl closed over the weekend—after service on February 20. Kevin Nichols operated the cafe at Christopher David, and the cafe's goodbye message says he'll move to Seattle.

In it's former form, Christopher David was a partnership between Nichols and his two friends Chris Giovarelli and Cosmin Bisorca, and in addition to the cafe, it offered workshops and interior design and floral services. Giovarelli and Bisorca write, "Above all, we believe in love, and that in life, love comes before anything else. And so when our best friend and business partner, Kevin, shared with us his desire to move to Seattle to be geographically with his partner, we were at once supportive of his choice, though sad to lose his regular presence in our lives."

While the cafe has closed, Giovarelli and Bisorca will continue to operate their sides of the business in Portland. You just won't be able to find the Water Avenue coffee; Bakeshop pastries; and Oso Market salads and sandwiches. Read the full goodbye message here.

Christopher David

901 NW 10th Ave, Portland, OR 97209 (503) 206-8226