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Food Carts Flee from SE 50th and Division Pod

The á la carts Food Pavilion will close in May to make way for apartments

à la carts Food Pavilion
à la carts Food Pavilion
Facebook/à la carts Food Pavilion

The à la carts Food Pavilion food cart pod on SE 50th and Division will soon make way for apartments and the long-awaited Green Zebra store, WWeek reports, and while some of the carts will probably ride it out through May, many are already getting out of dodge. The Year of the Fish food cart shares this inside scoop on Facebook:

I am not going to disappear, but I do have to relocate. As some of you already know, a la carts Food Pavilion has been purchased by a developer who wishes to turn our happy little pod into a multi-unit dwelling building. The sad news was delivered last month that we all have to be out by the end of May. Already, the pod is looking a bit more empty than it did just over two weeks ago.

It also reports that the following food carts have evacuated the pod: Second Son Kimbap, Pop's Smokin' It, La Arepa, Istanbul Delight, TeePee's Indian Frybread, and Run Chicken Run; however, you'll still be able to eat at most of these food carts. According to Year of the Fish, Second Son Kimbap is exploring brick-and-mortar options; La Arepa and Istanbul Delight can now be found in the Rose City Food Park at NE 52nd and Sandy Blvd.; and Teepee's is operating at the Garage Sale Warehouse at 4810 SW Western Avenue in Beaverton.

A La Carts Food Pavillion

4926 SE Division Street, Portland, OR 97206 (503) 894-1987