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After Booming First Year, Sugar Mommas' Launches GoFundMe Campaign to Save Business

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Michelle Honeman has 60 days to raise the funds

Sugar Mommas' Bake Shop
Sugar Mommas' Bake Shop
Facebook/Sugar Mommas'

The owner of Sugar Mommas' Bake Shop in Forest Grove, Michelle Honeman has enjoyed numerous successes, including earning $273,00 in her first year in business and appearing on the Food Network twice, but despite this, Sugar Mommas' faces substantial debt that could close the business in the next 60 days. Through Honeman's GoFundMe campaign, she seeks to raise $20,000 to help pay the bakery's bills, totaling $80,000.

Honeman explains how she got in debt in the first place on her GoFundMe campaign, titled, Sugar Mommas' Second Chance:

"As a new business owner with nothing more than a GED education, I made some uneducated business moves. I trusted too quickly and let my guard down. I didn't do research before signing contracts. Let's just say, I'm one of those stories that they talk about when they say, 'They sure did see you coming.'"

Honeman writes that when she realized the bakery couldn't pay its bills she hired "the required people to help me run the bakery at its greatest potential. We're really doing better. We're slowly rising above, but it is not enough, and I'm running out of time."

To keep Sugar Mommas' artisan breads and custom cakes a reality—which, yes, included that epic cake in Grimm's one-hundredth episode celebration (pictured below)—you can donate here.

[Photo: Facebook/Sugar Mommas']

Sugar Mommas

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Sugar Mommas' Bake Shop

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