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Pink Rose Restaurant Closes Overnight in the Pearl

Say goodbye to its endless mimosa brunches and late-night revelry

Pink Rose Restaurant
Pink Rose Restaurant
Facebook/Pink Rose

Beloved in the neighborhood for its endless mimosas and late-night DJs—not to mention an old-school Portland vibe—Pink Rose Restaurant announced on Facebook yesterday that it has closed after nearly five years in business. Located at 1300 NW Lovejoy St., the restaurant served brunch on weekends and dinner most nights, with cocktails and a menu of burgers, salads, and comfort foods.

Owner Adan Heller writes on Facebook:

"As of tomorrow, 'Rosie' will no longer be mine or function in the same capacity. This place is special—to me and to many of you. We have allowed Rose to grow into itself and become a place where people get to make it what they want. We listened, and we heard. Rosie was special because of you all. From staff to patrons, regulars to newbies, we extended an embrace of love. Family.

Pink Rose isn't ready to release the reasons for closing, and the Facebook announcement does hint that the Pink Rose venue may continue to operate in some form; however, if it does, the message makes it clear that owner Heller will not be involved. The response on Facebook has been fast, and you can add yours to the outpouring of laments here.

Pink Rose

1300 NW Lovejoy St, Portland, OR 97209 (503) 482-2165 Visit Website