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Iconic Jazz Club Jimmy Mak's Is Relocating

The jazz restaurant and bar has operated since 1996.

Jimmy Mak's
Jimmy Mak's
Facebook/Jimmy Mak's

Portland's number-one jazz club, Jimmy Mak's, is looking for a new home, but according to owner Jimmy Makarounis, you will still be able to sip Vespers and eat steak bites while listening to jazz greats lay it down in its current location through at least July. Local food writer Byron Beck broke the news on his Facebook page, and Makarounis gives Eater the details, writing:

The building that houses our current location has been sold and the property will be redeveloped.

We have a long period of time to find a new location, so the business will not be closing... We are actively looking at new locations and will have plenty of time to build out the new space before we need to move.

In the meantime, we have a full book of music scheduled through the early summer, and will be celebrating our 20-year anniversary in mid-July at our current location.

But rumors continue to fly, and according to WWeek, Makarounis is bound by a non-disclosure agreement and cannot confirm their validity. From what Makarounis has said, it's likely that Jimmy Mak's will make the move without closing—not even temporarily. Here's the word on Facebook from Beck:

Word on the street: Jimmy Mak's is closing and moving to the Bella Casa furniture store location on Everett. Bella Casa is downsizing and the space Jimmy Mak's is occupying is turning into a 17 story condo tower. More on the move: the new location will be on the Northwest side of Everett on the 10th Ave. side with elevated seating in the back, larger stage, expanded bar, and A HUGE PATIO. Projected opening? I am hearing sometime in early September.

Jimmy Mak's

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