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Portland Institution Sewick's To Close After 36 Years in Business

Witness the bewildered outpouring online for the Hawthorne boozestitution.

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Sewick's former incarnation, Sewickly Addition
Sewick's former incarnation, Sewickly Addition

When WWeek broke the news that Sewick's, located on the corner of SE Hawthorne and 49th Avenue, would close after 36 years in business, regulars, and even the children of former regulars, let out a collective lament on the dive bar's Facebook page and in the comments of the WWeek article. Below are some of the reactions to the news.

Known for cheap drinks, pool tables, and its Blues Brother statues, Sewick's will close for good after service on February 29 to make way for an apartment building. On February 1, it posted this message on Facebook:

After over 30 years of serving the community, Sewick's will be closing Feb. 29, 2016. Thanks to the great staff and loyal customers for your support over many years. Come support the staff on Super Bowl Sunday and during other fun stuff in February.

"One of the saddest closures I've seen... : ( RIP Portland icon," writes Kelly K.

"So many memories. This was my daddy's place. It's sad to hear. I really would like to have his table and chair—that was his spot," writes Honest Bills Fave. Sewick's will sell off its many historic furniture and artifacts beginning March 1.

"My wife was THE bartender here for a 18 years. She died on her at to work here one Thursday night. At one time, this place hosted the biggest pool tournaments in the northwest, drawing players from Vegas to Canada," writes Dave C.

"First VQ [Veritable Quandary], now this. My poor heart. RIP Sewickleys [sic], serving me from ages 17 through 35. May your patron saint Tonya Harding bless you for all time immemorial," writes Gavin M.

"I hear that you will be closing soon, forever, and I am already donning my back mourning attire. Although we didn't visit often, when we did, I have little memory of those visits. Is it because you were always trying to get me drunk and take advantage of me?

"I am going to miss your dark, almost creepy interior with weird décor such as that alarming Blues Brothers statue. I'm going to miss the smell of smoke that had been seeping into your floors and walls since the time of the dinosaurs.

"So sad that you are going the way of the dinosaurs and are soon to be extinct. You are a Portland icon amongst those of us that love our booze and we will surely miss you.

"Love, T.," writes Tamara C. on Yelp.

Sewick Lounge

SE Hawthorne Blvd & SE 49th Ave, Portland, OR 97215, USA