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Portland Loses Another Classic Dive Bar: Wimpy's on NW 21st

The old-school bar will become a part of Dark Horse Pub.

The Dark Horse Pub
The Dark Horse Pub
Facebook/Dark Horse Pub

Wimpy's, the bar that shares the same building as Dark Horse Pubsaid goodbye after more than 20 years at 519 NW 21st on January 16. Nicholas Peck owns both the Dark Horse and the former Wimpy's, and he tells Eater Wimpy's will be remodeled to become part of the Dark Horse Pub. The addition will bring a lounge-like room filled with yet-to-be-determined games, whether pool tables or shuffleboard. It will no longer have a bar with a bartender serving drinks.

For year's Wimpy's operated under the umbrella of Dark Horse, which some will remember as the old O'Brien's bar. Peck has decided on a new business model, in part to better compete with the many bars that have opened in the area over recent years, and along with the new room, Dark Horse Pub is bringing in a new kitchen manager and growing its menu of burgers, sandwiches, and shareable bar snacks.

With Wimpy's closed, the space is currently undergoing renovation, and Peck estimates that it will reopen in its new form in about a month. He says he's aiming to keep some of the "essential Wimpy's" vibe, so those looking for cheap beers and burgers are still in luck. The Dark Horse Pub will remain open throughout the rebuild.

Dark Horse Pub

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