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Wildwood Won't Become A Pharmacy | Chefs Week PDX Takes Over Whole Foods Hot Bar

Kevin Cavenaugh's Two-Thirds complex in St. Johns announces first tenants.

The Sudra
The Sudra
Facebook/The Sudra

NORTHWEST—It turns out you probably won't be able to buy Tums and toothpaste in the former Wildwood space on NW 21st Avenue. A Rite Aid spokesperson tells the O the company has decided to not go through with the lease. [Oregonian]

PORTLAND—Chefs Week PDX has officially kicked off, and even if you won't make the many dinners and afterparties, you can still sample dishes by some of the event's biggest chefs at local Whole Foods markets. From February 1 to 14, the hot bar at Portland-metro Whole Foods will serve Roasted Pomegranate Carrots and Agave Glazed Sweet Potatoes by Gregory Gourdet (Departure); Pork Adobaba and Cola Rice by Matt Sigler (Renata); and Slow Grilled Spiced Chicken with Fire-Roasted Avocado and Bean Salad and Roasted Pearl Onions with Pineapple and Hot Chiles by Doug Adams (Imperial). [EaterWire]

ST. JOHNS—Kevin Cavenaugh is the man behind NE Glisan's The Ocean micro -restaurant complex and the forthcoming Two-Thirds micro-restaurant complex in St. Johns, and two tenants have been announced for the latter: The Sudra, the all-vegetarian Indian restaurant, which already has a location in The Ocean, and the Garrison, the first taproom from Royale Brewing. The 780-square-foot Garrison is aiming for six taps and projectors for Timbers games, and Two-Thirds may welcome one final restaurant in the near future. [Oregonian]