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Sizzle Pie's New Artist Series Pizza Boxes Bring Artworks from Around the Nation

Pizza now comes with heavy metal artworks at no additional charge.

Sizzle Pie has kicked off a year of pizza boxes bearing original artworks, created by tattoo and street artists, mostly from across the U.S. (you can see some of the artworks in the gallery above). Working with around 50 artists, Sizzle Pie will release two new artist series pizza boxes every two weeks through the end of 2016. They do not cost extra, but to get one, you need to specify that you want the artist series box when you order a large pizza from any Portland-area Sizzle Pie.

Sizzle Pie actually has a sup-company within Sizzle Pie called Pizza Party HQ. "As a brand, one of our goals is to highlight art," says Carson Schubert, who works at Pizza Party HQ and Sizzle Pie. "It's a big part of where we came from and what we do."

To find artists to create the pizza box artworks, Pizza Party HQ contact its friends and searched Instagram. From there, it provided only two stipulations: All artworks must 1) have a pizza theme, and 2) include the name, Sizzle Pie.

You can see the artworks themselves at Sizzle Pie's Quality Bar, next to Sizzle Pie West. The artworks will hang through at least the end of February.

The above artworks in the sideshow are by (in order of appearance):

Chris Bilyeu, California

Taylor Smith - Denver, CO

Sketchy Tank - Southern California

Matt Stikker - Portland, OR

Sam Siegerr - Brooklyn, NY

Phil Guy - Cleveland, OH

Orion Landau - Portland, OR

Chris Coulon - Philadelphia, PA

Aye Jay - Portland, OR

Sizzle Pie

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