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Viking Soul Food to Open The Wild Hunt, Menu Revealed

The crossroads where Scandinavian food, Teutonic wines, and heavy metal meet in Portland

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The Viking Soul Food food cart on SE Belmont
The Viking Soul Food food cart on SE Belmont
Viking Soul Food

The poised-to-open Teutonic Wine Company urban winery at at 3303 SE 20th Ave. and Powell Boulevard will also be home to Viking Soul Food's new Scandinavian food cart concept, The Wild Hunt, Eater has learned. Breaking the news today, the O wrote, "In Europe, The Wild Hunt refers to a spectral horde that roams through the mid-winter forest, snatching up unsuspecting onlookers and depositing them several miles away," and this reference is totally in step with the heavy metal attitude and soundtrack coming from the Teutonic tasting room and wine bar, which will also serve Rainier tallboys, fyi.

The draft of the menu below shows a world of Scandinavian and Northern Germanic food: a smattering of smørrebrød (Scandinavian open-faced sandwiches) and a Smoked Steelhead Mousse served with knekkebrod (a cracker-like bread) and cucumber. Larger entrees include Beef and Lamb Meatloaf with brown gravy and Roasted Whole Trout with cranberry pinot noir sauce.

Barnaby Tuttle, who owns Teutonic Wine Company with his wife Olga, says the food at The Wild Hunt will pair well with Teutonic's wines, made in the Mosel and Alsatian style. Teutonic's delicate, dry, low-alcohol riesling may be the perfect companion to a pickled hard-boiled egg with black pepper mayonnaise and salmon caviar.

No opening date has been confirmed, but let's just say, It could be days away.

The Wild Hunt Menu (draft)