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Will the Iconic Overlook Restaurant Soon Make Way for Apartments?

New evidence suggests the 40-year-old restaurat could finally close its doors

Overlook Restaurant
Overlook Restaurant
Yelp/Connie C.

Greasy-spoon-breakfast-institution Overlook Restaurant opened at 1332 N Skidmore St. in 1974. Fans have recently speculated that it might be closing, but this latest bit of evidence, produced by the Merc with an assist from the Next Portland blog, suggests the rumors may soon be true.

The article writes, "Documents filed with the city's Bureau of Development Services this month indicate an apartment building might be in the works where the Overlook has stood since 1974. A report from BDS says only an early assistance request was filed for a 'proposed 5-story apartment building with underground parking.'" Note that an "early assistance request" has a technical definition.

The documents do not mention the Overlook Restaurant specifically but list a state ID number for the property connected with the restaurant. Restaurant owners Jane and Jim Sassalo have yet to comment on the development.

Overlook Restaurant

1332 N Skidmore St, Portland, OR 97217 (503) 288-0880