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Step Inside Americano, a Modern Take on Italian Futurism

Get retro at the buzzy new bar and restaurant by Blair Reynolds and Ian Christopher

After delays, hotly anticipated Americano is aiming to open next week, but you can check it out now in all it's artsy glory in the gallery above. The restaurant, from owners Blair Reynolds (Hale Pele) and Ian Christopher (Coco Donuts), offers a modern take on the Italian Futurism art movement, with paintings by local muralists, Rather Severe, inspired by early Campari ads and the good ol' moka coffee pot. When it opens, Americano will serve brunch, dinner, coffee, and cocktails.

"Futurism is a playful take on simple shapes and designs, and it really plays with simplicity—to take joy in simple things," says Blair. The 15-seat bar is the focal point of Americano, and beyond the bar, you'll find a lounge area with couches, for seeing and being seen.

The restaurant is housed in the Burnside 26 Building—the one that released the controversial "Luke and Jessica" promotional video last year. When asked about its locale, Reynolds says Americano is leasing space and is not otherwise a part of the business side of the building. "My business partner is a Portland native, and I've been here over a decade," says Reynolds. "We're just trying to build a dream and found a great spot."

Americano [PDX]

2605 E. Burnside St., Portland, OR 97214 Visit Website