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Grassa on NW 23rd to Begin Slinging Fast-Casual Pastas April 8

You'll soon be able to slurp its bucatini carbonara

The original Grassa, at 1205 SW Washington
The original Grassa, at 1205 SW Washington
Dina Avila/EPDX

For those hungry for fresh pastas but short on time and cash, the forthcoming Grassa on NW 23rd may supply the answer. Owner Rick Gencarelli (Lardo) tells Eater the second Grassa will open its doors April 8, at 1506 NW 23rd Ave., the former home to a Pastini Pastaria location. At double the size of the original Grassa, the new Grassa will be down-right roomy.

Expect a rock 'n' roll soundtrack, a hefty craft beer selection on tap, and plenty of food options in the $8-14 range—things like the crowd-pleasing Pork Belly Mac & Cheese and the more traditional Cacio e Pepe, a dish loaded with grana cheese, cracked pepper, and truffle butter. You'll also find a few salads and antipasti, like grilled cauliflower, as well as local wines and Italian-style cocktails, from the classic negroni to the Yonkers: whiskey, amaro, and cherry bitters.

There's also this hand-painted eagle on the wall, which we're pretty sure at least one person on the Grassa team has tattooed somewhere:

Grassa [NW]

1506 NW 23rd Ave, Portland, OREGON (OR) 97210 Visit Website