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Little Big Burger Founders to Pay $675K in Unpaid Wages Settlement

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The plaintiffs allege they were not paid overtime wages

Little Big Burger
Little Big Burger
Little Big Burger

Former Little Big Burger owners, Micah Camden and Katie Poppe, will pay a $675K settlement to workers who claim they were not paid overtime, according to a report released Tuesday by Chanticleer Holdings. Chanticleer purchased Little Big Burger last fall, and the lawsuit was filed against Camden and Poppe prior to the sale.

The report says that "certain current and former employees of Little Big Burger" filed a class action lawsuit in Oregon, claiming Little Big Burger did not pay its employees for overtime. Additionally, one plaintiff claimed to have been wrongfully terminated.

In the end, the plaintiffs and Camden and Poppe agreed on a settlement of up to $675,000—€”of which $225,000 are attorney's fees. The court preliminarily approved the settlement February 2, 2016, according to Chanticleer's report.

The report also states that Camden and Poppe will not receive the full payment for Little Big Burger from Chanticleer Holdings until the litigation is resolved fully. Of the $6.1 million that Chanticleer agreed to pay Camden and Poppe, $2,000,000 in cash and 1,619,646 shares of stock will be withheld.

Portland Business Journal reports that Camden and Poppe's lawyer declined to comment, but that, in a court record, Camden and Poppe "denied liability, but said they wanted to avoid the 'burden, expense, and uncertainty of litigation.'"

Little Big Burger

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