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Little Big Burger Is Finally Coming to Beaverton

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The homegrown burger chain expands to the Westside

Little Big Burger
Little Big Burger
Little Big Burger

Portland's best-known burger franchise, Little Big Burger hasn't looked toward the 'burbs until now, depriving the good citizens living in the Westside of its natural beef burgers, brioche buns, and house-made ketchup. But Little Big Burger will open its tenth Portland-area location in Beaverton this summer, according to a recent press release.

The new location will be inside the Progress Ridge TownSquare shopping center, located at SW Barrows Road and SW Horizon Boulevard. The 2100-square-foot restaurant will likely serve the full Little Big Burger menu of burgers, a veggie burger, truffle fries, root beer floats made with Tillamook ice cream, and local microbrews.

A fast-casual burger chain, Little Big Burger also has plans to open in the Lloyd Center in May. The chain was opened by Micah Camden and Katie Poppe, who also operate Boxer Ramen and Blue Star Donuts, and last fall, it was sold to Chanticleer Holdings. The burger franchise has been rapidly expanding since, with ten locations planned for Seattle.