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Get the Early Word on Paiche, the Quickly Ascending Peruvian Restaurant Near OHSU

Things are getting spicy fast at this tiny, tiny restaurant

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When Eater broke the news that the 450-square-foot Paiche "A Peruvian Eatery" was opening at 4237 SW Corbett Ave. in December, the vision described by owners Jose Luis de Cossio and Casimira Tadewaldt was tantalizing, but who could have predicted this response? Afar Magazine's online guide to Portland quickly added Paiche to its listings, and Parachute by Mapquest recommended Paiche as one of Portland's restaurants to try in 2016. But there's much more. Here's the early word on Paiche.

The Good News: According to WWeek's Matthew Korfhage, Paiche makes the finest ceviche in town.

The Bad News: Um—anyone? Of the seventeen reviews of Paiche on Yelp, two give four stars and fifteen give five stars. Ok, Korfhage does point out Paiche is only open for lunch, but he also says why: The owners need to scale back the hours to take care of their kids.

The Finest-Ceviche News: According to Korfhage, it's all about the limes, and the ceviche "is brighter and more flavorful and balanced than any I've experienced in this country."

The What-the-Hell-Is-This-Vegetable News: Paiche uses lots of produce rarely seen in these parts, including the camote sweet potato and Peruvian choclo corn. Yelper Jo N. writes, "Had no idea what many of the ingredients were. Can't wait to bring my friends! Since I live in the area, this will be my go-to place for lunch."

The More-Than-Just-Ceviche News: WWeek also recommends the jamón del país sandwich and causa amarilla de palta, and Yelper Pam M. writes, "Don't miss the empanadas, pescado ceviche, causa (which is a potato salad with crab), and the tamale."


4237 Southwest Corbett Avenue, , OR 97239 (503) 403-6186 Visit Website