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The Hottest Restaurants in Seattle | CenturyLink Scores Kraken Congee Stand

Welcome to CascadiaWire, a weekly collection of restaurant news from up-and-down the Pacific Northwest corridor.

Suzi Pratt

SODO—Great news, sports fans who also happen to be food fans: Kraken Congee is now serving its Southeast Asian rice pudding and pillowy pinch buns at CenturyLink Field. That means you'll no longer get caught trying to fill your pockets at the nearby restaurant before or after Sounders or Seahawks home games. Look for the stand by section 130. 

EATER MAPS—€”A novice nibbler of fried chicken might think that a piece of poultry at one joint would taste basically the same as another restaurant's recipe across the road. But that'd be a mistake. From the traditional buttermilk batter of the South to Hawaiian-inspired creations, Seattle has embraced fried chicken in a big way, and locals can't seem to get enough of the bird in its many forms. Wander over to Eater Seattle for the best chicken joints in the city. 

HEATMAP—Eater Seattle's March heatmap is the answer to the eternal question, "Where should I eat right now?" This month sees the addition of a "sexy taco bar," a vegan food truck's brick-and-mortar restaurant, an upscale cocktail-and-dish pairing restaurant, and a farm-to-table cafe. Check 'em out here.