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B. J. Smith Announces Third Restaurant Smokehouse Provisions—in Vancouver?

Could Portland's next hot food neighborhood be Vancouver, Washington?

Smokehouse Tavern
Smokehouse Tavern
Dina Avila/EPDX

Specializing in smoked Northwest meats, B. J. Smith is the chef behind Nob Hill's Smokehouse 21 and the Buckman neighborhood's Smokehouse Tavern—two restaurants where you'll find baby back ribs, brisket, and things like house-made hotlinks and cocktails involving barbecue bitters. Now Smith tells Eater he's opening a third restaurant, Smokehouse Provisions, on Vancouver, Washington's up-and-coming Garrison Square.

Smith is one of the first Portland restaurant owners to set his sights to across the Columbia River. "The biggest thing for all of us was seeing awesome restaurants like Cocotte and Levant close," says Smith. "I think it's a huge symbol of what's happening in Portland—there are actually good restaurants here, and there're a lot of them."

Smith says Vancouver has a large population, and it needs more good restaurants. The result is Smith's third restaurant, Smokehouse Provisions, located at 8058 E. Mill Plain Blvd., right beside the stylish and recently opened craft beer bar, Ben's Bottleshop.

Opening in a new building, Smokehouse Provisions will be around 3500 square feet, and the dining room and bar area will seat around 80. You'll find two separate patio areas, with an indoor/outdoor space seating 40, and a second patio seating 30.

On the food front, Smith says he'll stay true to his other Smokehouses, but he'll also expand the menu, with more entrees, salads, and burgers. Expect a burger topped with pulled pork and cole slaw and another with brisket and pickled jalapenos. Which smoked meats Smokehouse Provision's will serve is still being discussed (cast your vote in the comments!).

When it opens, Smokehouse Provisions will serve brunch, lunch, and dinner, and Smith estimates a mid to late-summer opening date. "We'll have some cool neighbors," says Smith, hinting at the other, yet-unnamed businesses on Garrison Square (for that matter, Smokehouse Provisions will also share patio space with Ben's Bottleshop). "We're trying to put a little piece of Portland in Vancouver."

Smokehouse Provisions

8058 East Mill Plain Boulevard, , WA 98664 (360) 768-5140 Visit Website