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New Members-Only Boundary Wine Lounge Will Open Its Doors to the Public for a Solid Month

The private wine, beer, and cocktail bar on SW Corbett opens tomorrow, and it's courting members

Opening its doors tomorrow, March 10, Boundary is one fashionable members-only social club, brought to you by the owners of Henry's Wine Vault, a state-of-the-art wine storage facility on SW Corbett. "Boundary was originally born as an extension of Henry's," says Multnomah Whiskey Library-alum Jennifer Quist, who consulted on the project. The idea is unique to Portland: For serious wine collectors, the setup offers a space to both stash and sip coveted wines.

The private social club will soon cap memberships at 110, and the buy-in is $1000, with additional monthly membership fees. But for the next month, you can visit free. While there, you can ruminate on becoming a member, or simply sneak a peak at the cool decor while sipping a rare wine. Boundary will be open Thursday and Friday, from 3 p.m. to midnight, and Saturday, from 4 p.m. to midnight.

The rather awesome space touts a long bar, tables, leather couches, alcoves, and an absolutely massive bust of some breed of buffalo. You'll find beers on tap; fine wines served by one, three, and five-ounce pours; and cocktails, priced $10-12. Barman Jon Lilley (Renata, Multnomah Whiskey Library) manages the lounge, and he says there will be a small food menu with things like flatbreads, salads, and charcuterie. Additionally, Elephants Delicatessen is located in the same building, and an app let's you order food and have it delivered straight to your seat at Boundary.

Different memberships come with different perks, and those interested can become members of Henry's Wine Vault, the Boundary social club, or both. Boundary will also function as a space for meetings—€”€”one of its rooms is wired for sound, video, and television—and private events—€”€”a private room fits around 20 people, and the whole space accommodates 85. Call or email for more details:, 503.702.6026.