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Chef Xurro Collaboration Kicks Off Today at 180 Xurreria

New restaurant by Ataula's José Chesa and Cristina Baéz is joined by a village of chefs

Dina Avila/EPDX

Let the explosion of creative xurro/churro inventions commence: The Spanish-style xurro shop on NE Broadway, 180 Xurreria, is teaming up with everyone from Beast's Naomi Pomeroy, to Sarah Marshall of Marshall's Haute Sauce to bring you a rotating, monthly collaboration xurro, from now through the foreseeable future (at least next February). "It's all based on friendship and childhood food memories, whether a treat or something sweet," says Cristina Baéz, who owns 180 with husband José Chesa and partner David Martin.

Things kick off today with a cannoli-like xurro collaboration featuring Lardo's Rick Gencarelli. Lardo does the Chefwich, a rotating collaboration sandwich, which inspired the 180 project.

"As a kid growing up in New York," says Gencarelli, "I ate a lot of cannoli. My dad used to take me to a bakery in Yonkers most Sundays called Puglia Bakery. It will always be my favorite dessert and one of my favorite childhood taste memories." Gencarelli's collaboration xurro comes stuffed with sweetened ricotta and served with a chocolate sauce flavored with orange and pistachio.

Baéz says that, thanks to the fun-loving and collaborative nature of most local chefs, 180 has received an overwhelming response. The collaboration xurros will change monthly (see the schedule below). Next month is Ataula sous chef Chad Norman, and June brings Joshua McFadden's (Ava Gene's) xurro involving peanut butter cream, chocolate sauce, and chopped, salted peanuts.

180 says it aims to sell the collaboration xurros for the same price as its Xurros Rellenos: two for $3. Of that, $1 from every sale goes to a local charity of the collaborating chef's choice. Baéz says she's proud of how supportive the Portland community is—both among diners and chefs. "We hope this shows that we truly want to be a part of the community, and we want to give back," say Baéz.

What type of xurro would you like to see? Share your wildest xurro ideas in the comments. We're hoping for something absurdly delicious. What about the world's most expensive xurro, involving Oregon white truffles?

Chef Xurro Collaboration Schedule (Tentative)


Rick Gencarelli



Chad Norman



Joshua McFadden

Ava Gene's


Sarah Marshall

Marshall's Haute Sauce


Earl Ninsom

Paadee, Langbaan


Gregory Gourdet



Elizabeth Nathan

Eb & Bean


Alana Kambury

Starvation Alley


Nora Antene


January 17

Vitaly Paley

Imperial, Paley's Place, Headwaters

February 17

Damian Magista

Bee Local

March 17

Ryan Roadhouse


April 17

Naomi Pomeroy

Beast, Expatriate

May 17

Peter Cho

Han Oak

June 17

Nate Snell

Pips Original

July 17

Sarah Hart

Alma Chocolate


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