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Doug Adams Is Leaving Imperial

The Top Chef finalist and Eater Portland Chef of the Year 2015 is on a roll—but where will it take him?

Chef Doug Adams with one of his many beautiful creations
Chef Doug Adams with one of his many beautiful creations

This just in: Bravo TV Top Chef finalist Doug "Douggie" Adams is exiting as executive chef of Imperial, the downtown restaurant owned by Vitaly Paley inside of Hotel Luciaaccording to Portland Monthly. Importantly, Adams hasn't given an exact end date, so you can still expect to find him manning the wood-fired grill at Imperial for the time being. The news is just another reason to head to Imperial asap and take down Adams's signature fried chicken, never mind that creative take on spaghetti carbonara, which comes topped with a perfectly cooked egg yolk.

Apparently Adams has a new project in the works, but few details are available, and it may not even be located in Portland. Considering how much this city loves him (Eater Portland Chef of the Year 2015, WWeek Restaurant of the Year 2015), let's hope he sticks around. Meanwhile, Paley seems supportive: "I've always said, you're not a good soldier if you don't want to be a captain."