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Burgerville Employees Rally for Workers' Union and $5 Raise

Fast food workers took to the streets across the Portland area yesterday

Yesterday's rally at Burgerville
Yesterday's rally at Burgerville
Facebook/Burgerville Workers' Union

Yesterday, fast food workers rallied in Portland for better wages, benefits, and more, and employees of Burgerville, the locally focused fast-food burger franchised, marched on the company's headquarters in Vancouver, WA, demanding a $5 raise and better representation in the form of the Burgerville Workers' Union. Burgerville operates more than 40 restaurants throughout the Pacific Northwest, and the newly founded union says Burgerville employees live at the poverty level due to poor wages. Around 100 people also marched on the Burgerville located at SE 26th Avenue and Powell.

Burgerville has over 1500 employees; over half are under the age of 22; and the average pay is $11.36/hour. It hasn't officially responded to the Union's demands according to the Columbian.

The Burgerville Workers' Union is affiliated with the Portland Industrial Workers of the World (IWW). Among the key demands listed on the Union's website are a $5 pay increase per hour for all hourly employees; affordable, quality healthcare; a safe and healthy workspace; paid maternity leave; free childcare; and a workers' union.