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Watch Andy Ricker Make a 'Glorified Cup-A-Soup' on Questlove's Food Salon

Pok Pok owner makes his take on instant ramen at a sweet party

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Andy Ricker at work
Andy Ricker at work
Facebook/Pok Pok

The incomparable drummer from the Roots, Questlove continues to shower our fair city with love—€”this time featuring Andy Ricker alongside chefs Kristen Kish, Edouardo Jordan, and Jen Yee, in his latest episode of Food Salon. Questlove throws his Food Salons in his Manhattan home inside the NY by Gehry building, and the video below shows seemingly sated actors and musicians saying what they love about food. Discussions often try to pinpoint the place where food and art or music meet.

Ricker jumps into the frame at 4:45 minutes in, and begins with this awesome insight: He's inspired by Willie Nelson, whom he describes as "utterly original." From there, he makes his version of instant ramen for Questlove, sharing some of his secrets (hint: instant ramen flavor packet) along the way.

Questlove's Food Salon Featuring Kristen Kish, Edouardo Jordan, Andy Ricker, Jen Yee from Questlove's Food Salon on Vimeo.