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Slabtown Pizza Bar May Not Have a Name—But It Has a Plan to Open This May

Slabtown is getting its first proper pizza restaurant

Mockup Logo by Joe McNeill Design
Mockup Logo by Joe McNeill Design
Joe McNeill Design

The Portlanders who promote and write about the food scene may come down with a case of the eye rolls each time a new pizzeria is announced, but to the people who live in the neighborhoods where those new pizzerias sprout up, it's kind of a big deal.

This is especially true for those living in the Alphabet and Slabtown Districts, which is rich in pizza by the slice, but doesn't have a proper sit-down pizza-centric restaurant.

But it will, come this May, according to first-time restaurateur Brian Carrick.

This kitchen in his upcoming yet still-unnamed spot will make use of a deck oven that will burn as hot as 900 degrees to turn out between 6 and 10 seasonal ingredient-driven pies under the guidance of chef Brian Lamback (Tasty n Alder, Wildwood).

Carrick says the menu will be augmented with charcuterie, salads, and other vegetable-heavy small plates, and rounded out with a full bar, featuring eight beer and wine taps.

For the first month, Slabtown will be a dinner-only affair, but Carrick says he'd like to implement lunch within a month or two after opening. He will co-own the space with Lamback and Breakside Brewery's Scott Lawrence.

Stay tuned.

Unnamed Slabtown Pizza Bar: 1505 NW 21st Ave.

Unnamed Slabtown Pizza Bar

1505 NW 21st Ave, Portland, OR 97209, USA