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Coppia Bistro, Coppia Pearl’s Kid Sister, is Open for Dinner on Mississippi

Later this month, it should be open for lunch, too

Coppia Bistro
Coppia Bistro
Lisa Devaney

For the last few weeks, Coppia Bistro on Mississippi Avenue, has been softly open. It celebrated its grand opening on Friday, March 25.

The original Coppia in the Pearl District (née, Vino Paradiso), known for its impressive wine cellar, elegant Italian cuisine, and rock star bona fidesit was co-owned by Pink Martini singer Timothy Nishimoto and Todd O'Connor. In 2014, they sold it to Texas native, Bill Ludwig, and Portland native, Lisa Devaney.

Ludwig has years of restaurant experience as a manager and consultant, and said he wanted his new bistro to look like the kind of place he'd like to wander into whenever he was hungry or thirsty.

"I wanted to make it more casual for the Mississippi Street crowd," he said, so don't expect white tablecloths.

The food will have a more casual approach, too, but Ludwig says flavors won't suffer, as he's brought on Coppia's longtime chef, Adam Ruplinger, to design the menu.

Ruplinger's handmade pastas will migrate to the new spot, where it will be joined by sandwiches (Cubanos, muffulettas, and BLTsall of which can come with fries) and starters like grilled octopus and fried polenta.

Draft beer and craft cocktails will be served along with Coppia's well-chosen wines.

Coppia Bistro: 3928 N Mississippi Ave., (503) 295-9537; Hours: 5 to 11 p.m., daily, with daily hours expanding to 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. in the coming weeks

Coppia Bistro

3928 N Mississippi Ave, Portland, OR 97227, USA