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New Broder Øst to Bring Its Norwegian Menus to Hood River

Your favorite place for Scandinavian aebleskiver announces fourth location

Broder Nord
Broder Nord
Dina Avila/EPDX

Has Broder found a new groove? With the newly announced Broder Øst, the Scandinavian brunch and dinner hotspot is opening restaurants farther afield. Last August, Broder Söder opened in the outer limits of Southwest, introducing itself to a new neighborhood and attracting attention to the Scandinavian Heritage Center. Now, it's opening Broder Øst in the city of Hood River, located 70 miles east in the Columbia River Gorge, and this again highlights growing appetites in areas outside of the Portland city center.

The fourth Broder location will be housed inside of the Hood River Hotel, a 41-room hotel more than 100 years old located in downtown Hood River. WWeek reports the renowned menu of Scandinavian and Norwegian delights will likely lean more heavily on Norwegian tradition. It's safe to say that you can tentatively prepare for more lamb dishes, Norwegian meatballs with brown sauce, and lefse, Norwegian potato cakes. Broder Øst aims to open May 1.

Broder Øst will be located on the bottom floor of the Hood River Hotel at 102 Oak St., Hood River.


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