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Le Pigeon Chef de Cuisine to Open Potentially Game-Changing Seafood Food Cart

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Andrew Mace teams up with Community Supported Fishery

Le Pigeon
Le Pigeon
Facebook/Le Pigeon

Portland Monthly's Karen Brooks has unearthed another potential game-changer: Andrew Mace is leaving his role as chef de cuisine at Gabriel Rucker's iconic French-inspired restaurant Le Pigeon to join forces with Community Supported Fishery and open the Local Fish food cart.

Located in Garibaldi on the Oregon Coast, Community Supported Fishery is a fishing company based on the community-supported-agriculture model (CSA), trying to revolutionize the Oregon fishing industry by delivering fish to Portland restaurants just hours, not days, after being caught and focusing on lesser-known seafood, from local sole to Pacific octopus. The Local Fish food cart will likely share this mission, which means you will likely soon find some very unique, regional seafood coming your way.

And you won't have to wait long. According to Brooks, the cart should open in the next few weeks on NE 8th and Couch Street.

Le Pigeon

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