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Nodoguro Opens; 'Hardcore Sushi' Reservations Vanished Instantly

But tickets to Sousaku Tasting menus are still available


This just out from PoMo: The renowned, boundary-pushing Japanese restaurant Nodoguro, famous for its creatively themed dinners, opens as a legit brick and mortar tonight, May 18, at 2832 SE Belmont. Esteemed Portland food writer Karen Brooks reports tickets to the first wave of hardcore sushi dinners have already sold out. That said, there are still tickets available to Nodoguro's Sousaku Tasting dinners, which serve around 11 dishes of what the restaurant describes as formal Japanese food "but without the rules," with more sushi reservations becoming available shortly.

In its new location, Nodoguro is currently offering three unique tasting menu options: the Sousaka Tasting, Hardcore Sushi, and SupaHardcore menus. Whereas Sousaka Tasting menus shun the rules for creative flavors, Hardcore Sushi meals are "our craft over creativity dining format" and run 19 courses, according to Nodoguro's website. The SupaHardcore dinners bring 21 courses that combine both "extravagant composed" dishes and sushi.

So let the themed dinners begin! One of Portland's most lauded sushi and Japanese restaurants has a permanent home. Stay tuned here for important updates as they develop.


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