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New Owners Take Over Historic Brasserie Montmartre Venue

Prepare for a new wine shop and wine bar

The former Brasserie Montmartre
The former Brasserie Montmartre
Dina Avila/EPDX

With a storied history beginning in 1978, Brasserie Montmartre seemed to come back from the dead more times than Glenn in The Walking Dead, but it appears the third shutter will be the last: The O reports Park Avenue Fine Wines and the 40-seat Bardot wine bar are taking over the beloved venue, and they'll open the first week of July.

Both are owned by Neil Thompson and William Oben and will operate as separate businesses, dividing the venue in two. The O's Samantha Bakall writes:

Bardot, the sister wine bar, inspired by the "60s sexiness" of Brigitte Bardot, will pour local wines, beers, cider and sake in a marble and wood-outfitted room. Food will likely be a menu of light snacks.

According to its website, Bardot will sell wines both local and international, as well as some eccentric fermented beverages, like food-friendly sherries, Basque ciders, and small-production sakés. The venue's downstair's dining room will serve as a mixed use space available for private dinners and events, pop-ups, wine-focused activities, and more.

Interestingly, on its website, Bardot also says it aims to be "your concierge for the rest of your evening." So if you're looking for an insider restaurant tip a neighborhood wine bar—or, even, to secure a reservation at a nearby restaurant—you may not need to look any further.


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Brasserie Montmartre

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626 SW Park Ave, Portland, OR 97205, USA