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Author Chuck Palahniuk Shared His Favorite Portland Restaurants

Plus Verdigris launches Summer Suppers, and here's your chance to help a farmer


PORTLAND—The author of Fight Club and a longtime Portlander, Chuck Palahniuk shared some of his favorite local restaurants and bars with Wired. "Portland used to have these old themed restaurants—€”big grand old supper club kind of places," Palahniuk says, before revealing his dining confidential picks, with some fascinating details as to why he picked them: WilfsHawthorne Hop House, and Wild Abandon. [Wired]

NORTHEAST—Right after launching six-day-a-week brunch, the intimate French-influenced restaurant Verdigris is bringing a bargain: The 3-course Summer Supper Special for $32. Unlike other prix fixe deals, Verdigris's lets you choose any one appetizer, entrée, and dessert from the menu, with past dishes like asparagus salad, with 60-minute egg and Smithfield Ham, and orecchiette with roasted red peppers and hedgehog mushrooms. It launches Saturday, May 28 and runs through the end of September. [EPDX]

JOSEPH—Here's an opportunity to thank a farmer: Prairie Creek Farm has been an integral part of the Portland dining scene for years, and it's fallen upon hard times. You can support the farm through its GoFundMe campaign here. As PoMo's Karen Brooks reports:

When people talk about Portland's vaunted food scene, they're really talking about places like Prairie Creek Farm. Fresh, beautiful, passionate food, yanked from the ground by hard-working farmers who deliver to restaurant back doors and stand on concrete all day long at markets, sharing their souls.



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