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Boke Bowl Unleashes New Fried-Chicken Food 'Kart'

Boke Dokie will soon open in the SW 9th and Washington pod downtown

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Boke Dokie

Your day just got better—all you cultish fans of Boke Bowl fried chicken: The popular ramen restaurant is opening the Boke Dokie food cart downtown, dedicated to serving its "add-on" Southern-fried chicken sandwich seven days a week.

Boke Dokie is the latest to offer a fried chicken sandwich amid an explosion of fried chicken sandwiches, and Boke Bowl co-owner Patrick Fleming shared with Eater what he thinks makes his sandwich standout.

"It is hand-cut and Southern-fried," says Fleming, "We marinate and brine it in a buttermilk-onion mixture, and then dip it in flour seasoned with a Southern and Asian spice mixture, then dip it back into buttermilk, then back into seasoning." It's fried to order and comes garnished with pickles, slaw, and sauce with Korean and Cajun seasonings..

Boke Dokie will open in the SW 9th and Washington food cart pod later this May, and you'll find the opening date here on Eater just as soon as it's announced.

In the meantime, get your stomach rumbling with the menu below. Vegetarians and vegans will find a fried tofu sandwich made with Bui Natural Tofu marinated in Boke Bowl's Bokennaise Miso sauce; fries powdered in a Boke-designed Jacobsen Salt blend; and pure flavors of Oregon honey and salt in the form of the Bee Local Honey & Jacobsen Salt Pie. For beverages, prepare for the usual soft drinks, plus Boke Ginger Limeade and a new Boke Iced Green Tea created by T-Project.

Boke Dokie Menu

Boke Bowl

1028 Southeast Water Avenue, , OR 97214 (503) 719-5698 Visit Website