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Clutch Prime Sausagery Shuttered (Temporarily?) for Foreseeable Future

Ken Norris closes up shop for now

Back in Clutch Prime Sausagery's heyday
Back in Clutch Prime Sausagery's heyday

Don't expect to find the Clutch Prime Sausagery food cart pumping out bacon cheeseburger-stuffed sausages today: Now that owner Ken Norris is officially IN as head chef at Headwaters, the new restaurant taking over the former Heathman location by Vitaly Paley, Clutch is on hold. "I'm putting one-hundred percent of my life into Headwaters," Norris tells Eater.

The creative sausage-centric Clutch debuted in Beaverton's Timberland Town Center February 2015, with a lot of excitement around what a chef with Norris's pedigree might do with the humble sausage. Norris has cooking experience at Daniel Bouloud's Daniel and Marcus Samuelsson's August in Manhattan and co-founded the former Riffle NW restaurant in the Pearl.

Then, surprising everyone, Clutch shuttered in Beaverton and the Clutch food cart moved downtown. It quickly caught attention, landing on the Heatmap for several months.

Norris tells Eater he still loves Clutch, and he wouldn't want all that hard work to be lost, so he's hanging onto the concept for down the road. So fear not, fans of sausages stuffed with nachos, pizza, and hot-smoked ribs, there's still a chance Clutch may rise again. And if you miss the cart that much, just visit Boke Bowl's new fried chicken sandwich cart, Boke Dokie: It's the old Clutch cart reincarnated.

Clutch Prime Sausagery

230 NW Lost Springs Terrace #22, Cedar Mill, OR

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