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New Multnomah Village Taqueria Declares Opening Date

Restaurateurs Nick and Sara Medici launch a restaurant in the very neighborhood where they grew up

Casa Vaca Taqueria

When Acapulco's Southwest Gold closed in Multnomah Village, restaurateurs Nick and Sara Medici and Pete Vranizan quickly moved in to open Casa Vaca Taqueria, and they've just announced the official opening date: Casa Vaca Taqueria will begin serving its brand of traditional Mexican tacos at 5 p.m., May 17.

The owners tell Eater, in addition to more traditional tacos, you'll also find polenta, kale, caramelized onion, and pablano crema tacos, and Casa Vaca will also have a full bar and serve a signature margarita, along with local brews.

Nick and Sara Medici grew up in Multnomah Village, and they say they want Casa Vaca to have a friendly vibe to match local style. This won't be the Medicis' first rodeo: They also own Kerns Kitchen, serving breakfast scrambles, salads, falafel, and sandwiches in Northeast, and previously, they owned Portland's Ristorante Medici and the pizzeria, Paparazzi.

Casa Vaca Taqueria is poised to release its menu, so keep an eye on its Facebook page to see just what tacos it'll offer. The menu could drop today.

Casa Vaca Taqueria

7800 SW Capitol Highway, Portland, OR 97219 Visit Website